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Untamed Dimensions
Adam Gorightly’s BlogTalkRadio show.

Radio Misterioso
One of my fav internet shows, hosted by Greg Bishop.

Binnall Of America
An off-kilter observer of all things esoteric.

Music for Maniacs
Dedicated to extremes in music. "Outsider" recordings and utterly unique sounds reviewed here, with links provided for your downloading/listening pleasure.

Beware of the Blog
The happy listeners guide to mind control.

Francis Dec Archives
“Francis E. Dec, Esq. has made his mark in cult status. These voice recordings of his rants were not done by Dec, but by L.A. newscaster/talk show host "Doc on the ROQ" of KROQ-FM. They have been in obscure circulation on cassette for several years. We are merely helping spread the joy that comes from this obscure loony.”

Vyzygoth’s Grassy Knoll
“Vyzygoth: Busting the New World Order’s chops since 2001!”

The Musical Touch of Leonard Nimoy
The stylistic croonings of the man we know as Spock.

Weirdsville presents a mind-bending selection of swankadelic sounds from the hidden caverns of the underground.
Your first step in exploring the wonderful world of strange, wacky, odd, and just plain bizarre music.

Head Heritage
Julian Cope’s Album of the Month

Inexplicable Recordings

Independent freeform radio from New York City.

Over the Edge
Mind warping radio collages courtesy of Negativeland.