Robert Sterling of commenting on The Beast of Adam Gorightly:
“Considering I despise Adam Gorightly as a loathsome excuse for a human being, my advocation of this collection isn't due to any silly, sentimental friendship.  Read this book, but stay away from the SOB."

David Reimer, a former friend writes:
"Adam is the type of writer who scribbles, then comes into town, insults you, drinks your liquor, hits on your wife and then demands a free room--buyer beware!"

French Ufologist, Jean Sider, commenting on Adam Gorightly’s sanity:
“These experiences have not credibility…because drugs create delusions, nightmares…”

Anonymous poster to the Tate-LaBianca Message Board,
known only as "Revealed"
"You know what is good about you GoRightly - Nothing!" -

Manson researcher Bill Nelson writes:
"I received an alarming message from a visitor to my site that a link without the (s) goes to your site. I did not believe it so I used the link and guess what? It took me to YOUR site.

I pay for the exclusive domain name of with Network Solutions. I have filed a complaint with them about this link that was used on purpose to distract people who type incorrectly, as was the case with this visitor who informed me.

I saw your site and the trash it contains. I absolutely forbid any connection between our sites and I will not accept any banner exchanges. Are you so dishonest that you had to use what I have built to start your own misguided web site of misinformation?"

Correspondence to Erik Bluhm--editor of The Great God Pan magazine--from Barbara Beausoleil, wife of former Manson associate, Bobby Beausoleil:
"A friend recently sent me an article that appeared in issue #13 of your magazine The Great God Pan. The article is entitled The Dark, Beautiful Sun – The Story of Bobby Beausoleil - It is one of the most irresponsible pieces of journalism I have ever read, and your readers should be made aware of this fact. I would also hope that you, as the editor, will be more discriminating about the articles you publish and certainly think long and hard before publishing anything else written by Adam Gorightly."