A is for Adamski

They were the emissaries of “Our Space Brothers.” They were the heralds of Cosmic Warnings, and the prophets of a new age of Universal Peace.

They were... The Contactees

“A is for Adamski fills a valuable service in compiling the key personalities and backgrounds that created and propelled the UFO phenomena.” ~Douglas Curran, author of In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space.

youtube video“A is for Adamski is a roller coaster ride through an amusement park of adventurous lives and a gritty graveyard of accomplished weirdos. This wunderkind collection of the obscure, the ordinary, and the out-of-this-world gallery of ufologists, forteans, and discordians is a must for your library! Brilliant and fun to read!” ~Loren Coleman, author of Mysterious America, Curious Encounters, and dozens of other books.
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A is for Adamski: The Golden Age of UFO Contactactees
422 pages Paperback list $24.95
ISBN-13: 1726611671
ISBN-10: 172661671
Publisher: Gorightly Press

Historia Discordia

The most extensive collection in print documenting the Discordian Society's wild and wooly legacy, Historia Discordia features the unique worldview and wit of such illuminated iconoclasts as Robert Anton Wilson and Discordian founders Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley. Chronicling Discordianism's halcyon days, Historia Discordia presents a fun and freewheeling romp through rare photos, holy tracts, art collages, and fnords, many of which appear for the first time in print. "Like communication-god Thoth with his yammering ape, like the all-important noise that Count Korzybski assures us must accompany our every signal, no harmony is possible without an acknowledgement and understanding of discord. Born from the bowling-alley epiphanies of Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley, its disruptive teachings disseminated through the incendiary writings of Robert Anton Wilson and other Eristic luminaries, the Discordian Society has unexpectedly become a landmark of gleefully aggressive sanity in a chaotic and incoherent world. Through this book, we can all involve ourselves in their gloriously constructive quarrel." —Alan Moore

Historia Discordia
296 pages Paperback list $23.05
ISBN-10: 1618613219
ISBN-13: 978-161861321
Publisher: RVP Press

Caught in the Crossfire: Kerry Thornley, Oswald and the Garrison Investigation

"Adam Gorightly offers a unique take on virtually every conspiracy of our time."—Erskine Payton, Erskine Overnight

Kerry Thornley never imagined that after starting a spoof religion in the 1950s that worshipped Eris—the Greek goddess of chaos and discord—that this seeming joke would unleash a torrent of actual chaos into his life in the years to follow.

During the late 1950s, Thornley became friends with Lee Harvey Oswald when the two served together in the Marines, and was actually writing a novel based on Oswald three years before John F. Kennedy's assassination. These connections would later cause New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison to suspect that Thornley was one of the notorious Oswald doubles and a part of a JFK assassination plot. Initially, Thornley denied these allegations, but later came to believe that he'd been used as an unwitting pawn in the conspiracy.

Adam Gorightly is best known for his book on the Manson Family, The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos. Adam has appeared as a guest on numerous radio shows such as Coast To Coast AM with Ian Punnett and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis. Television appearances include the History Channel's documentary The Manson Murders.

Caught in the Crossfire: Kerry Thornley, Oswald and the Garrison Investigation
220 pages Paperback list $18.95
ISBN-10: 193623999X
ISBN-13: 978-1936239993
Publisher: Feral House

Happy Trails To High Weirdness
[Paperback and Kindle Edition]

No matter where you go, there THEY are. Adam Gorightly is your ultimate Conspiracy Tour Guide to THEIR nefarious plans for humanity. HAPPY TRAILS TO HIGH WEIRDNESS is his precise roadmap to the People, Places, & Parapolitics that make up the scenery of bizarre destinations in & around California and the ever-odd Great Southwest weirdscape. Gorightly takes you along for a wild and hilarious ride to out-and-out strange locations and meets up with some of the most interesting folks and figures involved in Conspiracy, UFOlogy, Occultism, Discordian Hijinks, Death Cults, and more! More info: o) Introduction by Andy Colvin, West Coast writer, artist, "synchroconspiracy" researcher who is best known for his "Mothman's Photographer" video and book series. o) Includes a bonus chapter from legendary Steamshovel Press' Kenn Thomas. o) Published by Feejee Press.

Happy Trails To High Weirdness
Non Fiction - 282 pages Paperback list $19.95
Non Fiction - Kindle Edition list $9.99
ISBN-10: 1475098855
ISBN-13: 978-1475098853
Publisher: CreateSpace

A Who's Who of the Manson Family
[Kindle Edition]

Dark, terrifying, disturbing, and yet handy.

Adam Gorightly, chronicling fringe culture for two decades and author of the groundbreaking The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control & the Manson Family Mythos, and Shamus McFarland take on the daunting task of clarifying the multitude of seemingly endless nicknames, aliases and real names which spill out of the growing collection of various books chronicling the Manson Family members and their bizarre activities, including murder. This mess of identities can leave the most astute reader baffled and confused as to who did what, when, where and why.

The terrifying saga is complicated enough without every character having six different names and no easy-to-use guide to clarify who is really who.

Who's on first? Who's on third? Who's on acid?

A Who's Who of The Manson Family cuts through the drug-sex-and-psycho maze to compile the definitive facebook of Manson Family characters as extensive as the available information allows.

Exclusively for Kindle by Feejee Press.

A Who's Who of the Manson Family (2010)
Non Fiction-Kindle Edition list $6.99
ASIN: B003YDXMOQ / Publisher: Feejee Press


40 years after the infamous Tate-LaBianca murder case of August 1969, Creation Books presents a definitive account of those killings and their perpetrators, the Charles Manson Family.
In this revised and updated edition of THE SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA, investigative journalist Adam Gorightly takes his readers on a black magic carpet ride from the Hollywood "Beautiful People" scene of the late 60's through to the vast desert landscapes of a Death Valley gone mad - with all the love-ins and murderous creepy-crawls that happened along the way. He also investigates a number of conspiracy theories, both old and original, about the Manson case. The result is the most complete document published to date on Manson and his "Love and Terror Cult", an illustrated kill-bible for the coffee-tables of all self-respecting true crime buffs, counter-culture freaks and aspiring teenage satanists.

"The single greatest book about crazy Charlie and his hippie chicks!"
-Michael Marinacci,
Author of Mysterious California

The Shadow Over Santa Susana
Non Fiction-softcover 192 pages-sug. list $19.95
Publisher: creationbooks.com

To purchase signed copies of his books,
email Adam at adamgorightly@yahoo.com

Have you heard rumors about the mysterious deaths in Disneyland? Or that occult ritual magic is behind the appearance of UFO's? Was mind control the hidden trigger that blew JFK away? Is Tuesday Weld a high priestess of the Bavarian Illuminati? These and many other strange spectres inhabit the pages of The Beast of Adam Gorightly: Collected Rantings 1992-2004.

Book Review by Victor Thorn on Wing TV

The Beast of Adam Gorightly: Collected Rantings (1992-2004)
Non Fiction-softcover 196 pages-sug. list $14.95
ISBN 1-58939-781-9 / Publisher: Virtualbookworm.com Publishing

James Shelby Downard's Mystical War

Mind Control, occult scenarios, conspiracy and ritual crimes… In "James Shelby Downard's Mystical War," author Adam Gorightly chronicles the famed conspiracy researcher's life long battles against Masonic Sorcery as an investigator and exposer of the Science of Symbolism, Onomatology (Science of Names) and Mystical Toponomy (Science of Places). "James Shelby Downard's Mystical War" picks up where Downard left off and follows the bread crumbs down a rabbit hole where only the brave (or crazy!) dare follow.

"I became an avid Adam Gorightly fan years ago when I read - again and again - his Charlie Manson-Tate slaughter tome, The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos. Conspiracies, or allusions to them, abound. Likewise, in his latest work, a virtual kaleidoscope of synchronicity keeps you flipping the pages pondering how Downard - and Gorightly - assembled the jumbled connections of modern Masonic sorcery. Your world will never be the same."

-Thomas D. Reisinger, Former Assistant Editor, Soldier of Fortune magazine

James Shelby Downards Mystical War
Non Fiction-softcover 96 pages-sug. list $12.95
ISBN-10: 1602642702 / Publisher: Virtualbookworm.com

The Prankster and the Conspiracy

The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Countercultur.
One of the 1960s counterculture's most fascinating characters was Kerry Wendell Thornley -- a writer, philosopher, Zen dishwasher, enlightened prankster, and, possibly, an Oswald double with disturbing ties to the Kennedy assassination.
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Paraview Press, 2003
ISBN: 193104466X
Biography, 292 pages
Trade paperback, $16.95

Adam Gorightly on Death Cults

In Death Cults, acclaimed author Adam Gorightly examines the dark underbelly of the 1960's counterculture, and the many sinister specters that emerged from the Summer of Love. In what is destined to become an underground classic, Gorightly links cults like The Process Church of the Final Judgment and the Manson Family to elements of the underworld and intelligence communities, brushing back the cobwebs of the occult to reveal a truly disturbing story that continues to haunt us today.

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Sisyphus Press, 2004
48 pages
Color, front and back Cover
8 1/2" x 11"; Binding: stapled